Welcome to the new CRYSTALTHREADS website, we have been in existence for more than twelve months now, and felt it was time for a change. Embroidery by Design and IGIGI2U have been around individually for a good deal longer, for details see the 'About Us' page.

Crystalthreads co.uk

Is intended as a showcase of the things that Embroidery by Design  and IGIGI2U do together or separately, most of these appear in the Events section, We will keep this area up to date and it will indicate the relevant dates of forthcoming happenings. We have gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure this is true. 

This site will also act as a gateway to the individual sites of IGIGI2U and Embroidery by Design, these can of course be entered directly but we would encourage you to come via this site where you will hopefully pick up any news we may have.

About Us

A short history of the two Jans and the formation of Crystal Threads.


This will a be the place to check out all of the events we are connected with and aware of. This will include our regular events, Pathways, Readings etc., Special events like our recent first anniversary and the forthcoming Pink Day. Please look in the Events section for details.


We are constructing what we shall refer to as The Crystal Threads Forum. It is hoped that our friends and customers will use this forum to communicate and learn with others of a like mind. Our plan is to cover a wide variety of topics although this is somewhat irrelevant as the subjects covered will be set by the participants.

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