We would like to invite all our friends and customers to make use of of this bulletin board as they see fit. It is envisaged that it will be used to discuss things of interest relating to topics covered by Crystal Threads with like minded people.


The board will be run in a manor common most boards of this type. Postings will be available for all to view, it will however be necessary to register with the board before being allowed to post messages. Information required for registration minimal, a screen name for identification on the board, an e-mail address and your real name.


We will be looking for interested parties to assist in the administration of the forum. Anybody interested in helping in any way should contact who will respond and discuss.


This is a new venture for us and we hope you will approve of the idea. We are offering the forum as a facility for our customers and friends and friends to be. The way the board evolves will depend on the members.


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